Fall Fashion Collage

1. Gilet (see MANGO for similar); 2. Bold studs (see JoomiLim); 3. Leather belt (see Everlane); 4. Loafers (see ZARA for similar); 5. Leather/Canvas backpack (see BagDoRi); 6. White high-tops (see ZARA)

Happy November!

It has been a while since I’ve updated, and I sincerely apologize! I have files of photos to share and posts to publish on the blog, but I’m still learning how to manage my weekly travels without overwhelming my days with just work. What a terrible excuse–2 months of no updates is not permitted ever, again.

For the past 5 months, I have spent most of my days in another state or country–Georgia, Texas, India. I truly feel like a wanderlust, a “condition” triggered in college as I ventured out to the windy city for an education that cannot be matched at another institution (personal belief, but each of us holds a bias, right?). Attending Northwestern University not only refined me as a scholar and individual but also cultivated the envied skills of packing. Filling and emptying suitcases every two and a half months disciplined me into neatly optimizing the space inside. Papa Kim deserves much of the credit, for he is a master packer.

One of the perks of frequenting multiple cities includes witnessing how each season transcends differently. While I anxiously wait for Spring’s arrival every year, I appreciate the brisk fall breeze and sharp winter air. To be quite frank, I am not too fond of this season’s trends. Remember, trends are ephemeral. Hence, I gravitate toward classic pieces and incorporate only a few trendy ones. My mom’s advice regarding fashion will forever remain near to my heart: It’s better to invest heavily in a few quality classics than to purchase a closet of less expensive, fleeting clothes. Despite the disappointing runways, I still want to share my favorites for this Fall and Winter. Bold jewelry, simple leather belts, gilets, loafers, and a pair of white sneakers will withstand changing seasons. It doesn’t hurt to sling a color blocked backpack like a cool kid either.

Rather than emulating a celebrity, mix-and-match to find your unique style. Most importantly–enjoy and have fun. See you, soon!