Creating a collage without Photoshop or a more sophisticated editing program proves to be a challenge, but I managed to compile my favorite items for this spring. My mantra is always, “Simple and classy.”

Spring2015 Picks

1. Larson Jennings watch 2. Superga sneakers 3. Ming Yu Wang Paradox Ring 4. ZARA Nautical top 5. ZOETIK cube necklace 6. Teardrop terrarium

Part of the fun in maintaining a blog like mine resides in the ability to introduce readers to talented designers who produce stunning pieces. Ming Yu Wang aka Jennifer Wang encapsulates boldness and beauty in the small details–width of band, geometric shapes, material, texture. Often times, people overcomplicate things, hiding all raw charm. Ming Yu does the opposite, for example, by accentuating a rectangle’s sharp edges or a circle’s infinite smooth surface.

I would hope to interview designers such as Ming Yu and Jennie Kwon in the near future. As someone who enjoys learning about people and their stories, the journalist within me craves to venture out and help craft narratives. At the same time, a part of me does not miss laboriously transcribing interviews.

It’s during these moments–at 4 or 5 am–when I ask myself, “What inspires you to wake up every morning and start fresh? Why haven’t you give up yet? Why hasn’t discouragement crushed your spirits?” Eternal hope. On that note, I challenge you to live today with excitement. For the weary-hearted, persevere and endure for a brighter tomorrow. For those with uncontrollable zeal, continue persevering and enduring.

Happy Wednesday, folks.