{CSInternational Airport in Mumbai}


{Palladium Hotel in Lower Parel, Mumbai}


{Raman bought me balloons! I was excited to be a kid, again. I love my balloons…!}

Falling asleep seems to be more of a chore as of late. It’s not jet lag this time around. Rather, a restlessness of some sort nestles deep within my heart. Naturally, my eyes remain heavy and my head bobs from side to head from lethargy.

{Love: Philia} While this may sound strange, but after the initial phases of homesickness and atrocious jet lag, I’ve enjoyed the 7 weeks spent with my second family away from home. I’m not one to cultivate attachments to people, given my tendencies to have my guards up, but I have developed a strong affection for my new friends here. Had you witnessed the dynamics between me and them during my first 2 weeks in India, you would have never assumed that we would create memories together. Now, I love them dearly. I may even shed tears when we go our separate paths on Friday. Heck, I grew sentimental at the Mumbai airport as I bid farewell to my UK friend who’s become my big brother.

The fact that we shared and still share the same space for at least 9 hours every day allows us to see each other’s positive as well as negative traits–there is no hiding. Without a doubt, we openly express our exasperation, but we also lavish one another with much love. Even after Friday, I hope that our plans to hold bi-weekly “scrum” meetings and to organize yearly reunions materialize…

{Love: Eros, Storge, and Philia} Again, living and breathing the same air for 2 months forces you to study everyone’s love language. Personally, I’m a quality time and words of affirmation type of person.The term “love language” may sound silly, but I believe in the value of understanding and learning how each individual functions. Attaining such insight is resourceful when mitigating conflicts and misunderstandings between any two people–friends, lovers, family.

I came across Gary Chapman’s book on the five love languages back in my second year of college after a disappointing relationship. Nothing in the book was revolutionary, but I did grow more conscious of how my love language affects my relationships with others (ex. how I express my care and affection) and am able to elucidate more eloquently on those details. However, for some, Gary’s book may offer new knowledge. If you don’t enjoy sifting through pages as much as I do, you can assess your love language online. Highly recommended!

It’s already 5:30 am, which means I need to sign off and prepare for a new day. Part II of my traveling diaries will continue this week. Happy Monday!