Piping hot cornbread out of the oven

Thanksgiving preparation begins early in our home.  We start creating a grocery list and shop for the goods the weekend before the long-awaited day.  On Sunday or Monday, the turkey receives thorough cleaning and has its insides removed.  Afterwards, my mom first washes the big bird in a mixture of chardonnay and Japanese wine.  Then, she soaks the turkey with her special seasoning and preserves it in a clear turkey bag.  She proceeds to pour the leftover seasoning inside and shakes the bag.  On the actual day of festivities, the turkey undergoes another round of prepping.  But the night before Thanksgiving, we bake some cornbread to use for our stuffing.  Cornbread plus cornbread stuffing mix? Isn’t that too much? Not at all.  The cornbread adds a touch of sweetness and moisture to the dry mix.  I swoon over the heavenly aroma of rising yeast and wait happily by the warm oven.

Like every Thanksgiving, this year’s was no less successful.  I wish I had been able to photograph the beautifully roasted turkey that sat on a silver platter of decorative garnishes, but with stomachs growling, I thought it’d be rude for me to stall such feast.  The turkey, succulent and flavorful (thyme, herbs, wine), paired well with the slaw salad and cranberry sauce.  Of course, I always look forward to my mom’s stuffing and secret yams, and they did not disappoint that night.  (Surprise: We substitute butter with margarine, and for some reason, everything tastes better!)  And as usual, Mama Kim’s creamed corn, green beans, and mashed potatoes were crowd-pleasers as well.


Mama Kim’s amazing stuffing (cornbread stuffing mix, cornbread, chestnuts, dried cranberry, celery, turkey broth, onions, diced apples)


A basket of baked goods: corn bread and Hawaiian rolls


Mama Kim’s sweet pecan yams (margarine, brown sugar, pecans, [organic] yams, cinnamon)

While good food uplifts spirits, the mirth and grateful hearts surrounding us are what truly makes Thanksgiving a marvelous day of celebration.  Sharing our thanks and encouraging each other, I could not ask for more.  I hope all of you enjoyed resting and gorging on an array of dishes.  🙂

Good night, and see you on Monday!

pristine christine