Dear Tuesday,

It’s been a long day.  The one thing that helped me survive the day was the flaky mini croissant I ate in the morning.  I savored every bite of it, as you know how much I appreciate fine pastry.  For me, comfort food has never been about devouring away my sorrows to no end.  Instead, comfort food represents something that I could treat myself with once in a while at necessary moments.  While I do loathe butter and avoid it whenever possible, I could never forsake butter croissants, and they approached me at the perfect time.  ’twas delicious indeed.

Credits: The Telegraph

Maybe my brother’s Scrubs marathon attributes to the constant ringing of “I’m No Superman” in my head, but I resonated with the song more so today.  Like J.D., I also narrate my life, and sometimes… a soundtrack plays in the background.

Well, I’m rather mellowed out tonight.  Tuesday, you sure do know how to exhaust someone.  I think I’ll just fall fast asleep to an Autumn mix.  Romantic, don’t you think? I definitely smell Fall; gone is the musky Summer air.  A certain briskness lingers now.

Good night, ‘murica.  Good night, Tuesday.  I guess I’ll wake up to Wednesday then.

Pristine Christine