#TBT to the 90s.  Rewind to the era of radios, clunky handphones, scrunchies, and… less complexity.  Really, in the end, society reaches a point when people begin to recycle ideas.  The only difference between the concepts from back in the 90s and now is that we complicate the old.  Before delving into today’s #TBT topic, I advise that you play the following video FIRST.

ImageOkay, remember those dreaded overalls? Some still abhor the denim overalls fad.  But personally speaking, when worn properly, overalls can be pretty darn awesome.  Think: a chic blazer paired with some fitting but simple overalls and booties/flats/sneakers.  There’s no need to add a million buttons to denim overalls, yet designers feel the need to be “artistic” and place bizarre “designs” on them.  Quite unnecessary.

Do I miss the 90s? The answer would be a big fat yes.  Bring back the comfortable, trendy denim, and no more jeggings, please.

In the meantime, prepare yourselves for some Friday fun because it’s Fashion Friday tomorrow! Perhaps, I should change the Friday series to “Friday Fun” instead.  Suggestions? If you do, please leave a message either on here or Facebook!

Pristine Christine