Satchels began permeating fashion, or at least marking its prominence again, 2 years ago.  Now, people may ask, “Why splurge on a quality satchel bag when you could snag a cute Marc Jacobs hobo bag?”  My friends, the leather and versatility allow the greater investment to withstand the ever-so-volatile trends.  You can almost compare it to classic pieces that never grow old.  Whether it be matching the satchel with an outfit in college or with a form-fitting work attire, the bag will last for much longer than expected.  On my 20th birthday last year, my parents gifted a lovely Alexa to me.  Now, men, you are allowed to treat yourselves to a satchel as well, especially if you’re in your 20s and 30s, heading off to work in the city.  Don’t forgo the satchel this season, because you will surely be missing out on some fun.